Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Literature Circles with iBooks Author

My 8th grade Reading class has recently started Literature Circles with the four novels they are reading.

To assist with the Literature Circle role sheets and discussions, I created an iBooks Author template and distributed it to my students.


Use this template to facilitate Literature Circles with your Reading classes through iBooks Author. Each of you will create a customized portfolio of your literature circle work and discussions. All the literature circle roles have chapters available with instructions and pages for completing the role.  In addition, you will add Word Wizard words to your glossary and take notes on each circle day in the pages of your iBooks Author portfolio. 

The approach was successful as each student individually read, reflected, and compiled their ideas into their own Lit Circle journal iba file on each "reading" day.  Then on circle discussion days they used their book to guide the discussions in their group.  Students rotated through the various roles according to a schedule and when lit circles were complete they handed in their complete .iba file for assessment purposes.  

A sampling of the work by individual students was collected and is available via an iTunes U course here:
Made for iBooks by O'Neill Public Schools
(find the post entitled "Literature Circles Log")

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