Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Who is up for a Challenge?

If anyone wants to start the new school year by challenging themselves to use their SMART Board in more innovative ways, then this Interactive Whiteboard Challenge is for you!

Seven weeks worth of challenges are presented on this wiki, along with instructions and tips for sharing. Just visit the site and make it a goal for yourself to try as many of the challenges as you can in the upcoming weeks and see if your SMART Board use grows!

Leopard for your Classroom

It's back to school time and you may be feeling the "rustiness" of your technology skills, in teaching anyway. Or maybe you are one of those lucky enough to start off the new school year with a brand new Mac. Either way, this pdf reference is perfect for brushing up on the ways to use Mac OS X - Leopard in your classroom. Created by Matt Fuller and accompanied with a podcast of related information, this is a great resource (for free!) that I highly recommend you download and learn some new tips from. Enjoy!

You can get it from here:

Free Podcasting Booklet from Tony Vincent

Want an amazing resource all about podcasting for FREE? Download Tony Vincent's pdf "Podcasting Booklet" from his website Learning in Hand. This 34-page document will guide you through the process of podcasting from listening to podcasts all the way to producing your own. Most of the recommended software is just as free as the booklet itself, and GarageBand can easily replace Audacity during the production steps on your Macs. Even if you are a seasoned podcaster, this booklet offers tips and information that will make it worth your time to download. And did I mention that it is free?