Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Google Squared

Google Squared

A really interesting concept that, to me, seems to have tremendous educational potential!

Read more about Google Squared on this blog post.

Then try it out for yourself. I entered dSLRs to start, tried search engines, and had to try "parts of speech" for my English teaching background as well. Each search provided numerous cells of useful comparison and contrasting information as well as some irrelevant info, too. Column headings can be edited to fit different needs. What a great lesson for students on using ANY search engine! Multiple sources, keywords and categories, and most especially- sifting through the useless to find the useful!

I can see introducing categories of new topics to the classroom using a Google Square and would also envision challenging kids to create their own BEFORE using the Google tool... and then comparing and contrasting what it brings up automatically. The possibilities are endless. Thank you, Google, for another simple but effective educational tool.

Search. Learn. Share.

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