Thursday, November 6, 2008

Two Tools I Tried Today

Letterpop looks like an easy way to create professional newsletters online in a drag and drop mode with integration with Flickr and other sites. The free version lets you publish 10 newsletters in a year, but the paid versions go up from there. Although I haven't finished my first letterpop newsletter yet, it is remarkably simple and includes many templates to choose from.

Glogster: I created my first glog today based on one of Dan Pink's "Six Senses" from A Whole New Mind... Story. You can check it out here:
Glogster has a neat interface that kids will love. It allows for a variety of media formats and ways to express yourself. If you sign up for the education version at: you can create student accounts under your login name. For example, if I used mrsmorrow as my login, my student accounts would be s001.mrsmorrow, which is nice to avoid student sign-up with extensive forms. I really enjoyed this tool and can see lots of potential uses for students in the classroom to express themselves and create content on the web.

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