Friday, June 6, 2008


Self- Evaluation

In your opinion, what are the most important skills for 21st Century learning? What are the most important technology skills to infuse into your learning environment? (Feel free to cite the NETS*S and/or the P21 Framework)

Tell some ways, via digital tools, you have learned to:
• Create/Innovate
• Communicate/Collaborate
• Problem-Solve/Critically Think, etc…

Changes you can implement TODAY in your teaching (as a result of this class) (don’t necessarily have to be technology-related)

Assess yourself and your learning journey this week. Did you…?
• Create more than you consumed?
• Contribute to a collective/shared body of knowledge?
• Participate in digital dialogue?
• Use self-directed or discovery learning? (find some answers on your own)
Please try to give specific examples of all of the above.

Finally, did you “Think Different”?
Or, how has your thinking changed (if at all) as a result of taking this course?

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